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Switch to seamless payments

  • Brand design
  • Illustrations
  • UI concept design
  • Animations
  • Tone of voice

Transform Awards Europe 2024 Winner
/ Best brand development project to reflect a change of mission, values or positioning (consumer) – GOLD
/ Best visual identity from the financial services sector – SILVER

Blue Media is a prominent polish online payment brand, that introduced many innovations such as quick online bill payments and mobile top-ups. In 2019, they launched the Autopay app for automatic highway toll payments. Facing brand recognition issues, the company decided to merge two major brands into Autopay, shifting from the mobility sector to modern fintech. The 'auto' in the brand name now signifies seamless transactions, emphasizing the client's freedom.

Blue Media, one of the largest online payment brands in Poland, has been in operation since 1999. During this time, the company implemented many market-changing projects. It was the first in Poland to introduce quick online bill payments (2011), online mobile top-ups (2002), the BlueCash instant interbank transfer system (2011). If you live in Poland and make online payments it’s very likely you do it through Blue Media gateway. In 2019, the company launched the Autopay app, used by over 2 million people, for automatic payments of highway tolls.

The company owned two major brands, each targeted to different groups (B2B2C and B2C). Both products enjoyed significant popularity but suffered from a lack of brand recognition and a clear brand story. They did, however, share a common competence in automatic checkout.

The strategy, developed by CPC Brand Consultants, merged both businesses under the Autopay brand, shifting Autopay from the mobility sector into the realm of modern fintech brands such as Adyen, Klarna, or Stripe. The 'auto' in the brand name took on a completely new meaning, moving from car payments to seamless, effortless, and frictionless transactions. The new strategic concept aimed at removing barriers for clients and enabling them to live freely. This meant that Autopay needed to shift its focus from the product to the client, from function to benefit, and from technology to user experience.

Creating a fintech brand design required combining the strategic concept of seamless, background-running payments with the language of modern technology. The team discovered that the best visual metaphor for this was the toggle switch commonly found in today's user interfaces. The toggle turned into the letter 'A’ and guided the whole design and communication system. The symbol of the toggle switch influenced the layout, an illustration system, UI interactions, and even the tone of voice, which revolved around switching off hassle and switching on possibilities. While retaining the brand's blue color as a tribute to Blue Media, the brand palette was expanded with contrasting digital colors.